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Ok. Since we agree that Truth is simple… and we’re simple-minded / hearted … lets stay with that principle.

Do you remember the very simplest basics of wave physics – amplitude, wavelength, frequency? I’m quite a visual person, and reckon actually seeing something really helps with understanding. So here’s a quick visual reminder re wave basics – http://tinyurl.com/nayb39 .

You wrote that “Our core being is pure energy…”. Let’s consider this further. What exactly is “energy”?

Visualise that chart of a sine wave. Remember that the number of wavelengths (or “cycles”) per second, is the Frequency.

You know that quantum mechanics is physics at the sub-atomic level. From QM we know that Energy = Frequency. They are the same quanta. The higher the number of cycles-per-second (cps), the higher the energy.

So, if our “core being” is indeed “pure energy”, then one might equally say that it is “pure frequency”.

I’d encourage you to visualise that, and ponder. IMO it’s a door to deeply significant things.

Higher frequency = higher “excitement”. The higher the frequency (ie, energy), the higher the level of “charge”.

An analogy. A Harley revs slowly. Say, 5,500rpm max. It has a lower rpm, lower “cps”. A lower frequency. How does a Harley “feel”? Relaxed. Rhythmic. Calming. Soothing. Hence, these engines always associated with “cruisers”.

A sportsbike revs far higher. Say, 18,000rpm. It has a much higher frequency. How does a sportsbike “feel”? Frenetic. Racy. Frantic. Hence, always associated with racing, competition, speed.

I believe our “core being” (soul?) is not … “designed”? … to operate at a high “energy” level. The higher the energy of the “core being”, the higher the frequency. The more frenetic, rushed, frantic.

The true, intended state of our “core being” is the x-axis of the chart. Flatline. No highs. No lows. Perfect calm. Perfect peace.

There is much to consider from this, particularly regarding (false) notions of the soul, soul power, soul energy, etc.

For example, I’ve no doubt that this simple understanding from QM shows that Hinduism is a reversal of truth. As would be many offshoots, such as much “New Age” thinking. Recall that, broadly speaking, Hinduism (and many kin) believe in “awaking” the soul power, or energy… stirring up the “kundalini” “serpent” power of the soul, rising through the chakras, etc.

One could say, from a QM perspective, that this really means ratcheting UP the frequency. Increasing the cycles-per-second. Increasing the level of the frantic, the frenetic, the “roller-coaster”. Quite the opposite of perfect peace, calm, serenity in the soul, in fact.

Another viewpoint. Everything has a built-in frequency, or resonance level. This tells us how “stiff” it is. How resistant it is. (ie, How “stubborn”?)

Example from something I do know about – golf.

A good golfer gets the shafts in his clubs “frequency-matched”. A stiff shaft resonates at a higher frequency level – say 300cps. A softer shaft, at a lower frequency. It’s very significant for consistent golf – the shaft cps determines the flex and rebound characteristics, and are matched to the golfer’s swing style (ie, short & fast acceleration, longer and slower acceleration). Same thing with, say, your choice of mop handle. A nice stiff wooden handle has a higher frequency, than a flexible plastic handle.

This goes to our ideas of “soul energy”, “will power”, etc too. Consider – the stronger our force (energy) of “soul” or “will”, the higher the frequency. We speak of having “stiffened our resolve”. What does that mean? We have upped the energy, the frequency, the cps of our “core being”. Our soul. Our will. We have, in fact, “awakened the kundalini serpent” and invited it to ascend, to become MORE dominant. We have increased our stiffness. Our stubbornness.

We’ve spoken about Pride, and the antidote being Humility.

Consider: Pride is the equivalent of our making a choice… to UP the frequency of our “core being”. To increase the “energy” of our Self-will. To become more stiff. More stubborn. More resistant. More unyielding.

Humility is the opposite. It is the choice to REDUCE the frequency of “Me”. To lower the energy level of my Self-will. To become less stiff, less stubborn, less resistant. Humility is to lower “my Self”.

As “I” (my soul power, energy, self-will) am reduced in frequency, the cps lowers. The sense of the frantic, the frenetic, the rushed in the soul begins to “space out”. The ups and downs reduce in frequency. The amplitude (the volume) of Me comes down. And so, “I” more nearly approach to the place of perfect peace and calm… the flatline of the x-axis. It is when the soul is INactive, that the Spirit can take the ascendancy .

It is possible to see from all this, that Jesus taught it exactly right.

We all seek after peace. A serene resting place for our “core being”, our soul.

That place is the x-axis. Nil wavelength. No amplitude. No frequency.

There is only one way to find this place of perfect peace. We must “humble our Selves, and become as little children”, to enter the kingdom of heaven. We must “deny our Selves”. In other words, we must die to Self. The energy/frequency of our soul must “die” … become wholly inactive. Flatlined.

Exactly the opposite of Hinduism/New Age.

When our own “soul power” is rendered “dead”, inactive, then, what is there that gives us true life? The spirit.

There’s another big point to consider from this. It pertains to your separate comment re whether there is a personal God vs a universal spirit. But that can wait… here is plenty to ponder for a while, don’t you think?

FWIW, I think Buddhism more nearly approaches truth than any other “teaching”, except… not Christianity (Churchianity)… but what Jesus taught.

In a nutshell, Buddhism (IMO) quite correctly recognises that “ahamkara” (the ego) is at the root of suffering. However, I believe that the methods Buddhism proposes for transcending ego are flawed…. and therein lies the problem of Buddhism.

Correct diagnosis. Flawed (and possibly dangerous?) proposed solution.

Something else to discuss in future?


Just a tempter re the “big point to consider” I alluded to above:

You wrote that you believe God is “an energy being”.

That would mean that “he/she” is a “frequency” being, right?

Hmmmm. Does that really make logical sense?

What if God is actually perceived by considering what the x and y-axes refer to?

One last hint: What does every wave need, in order to exist?


Which one of these frequencies (ie, energies) makes you “feel” the most Peaceful. Calm. Serene. Tranquil… http://tinyurl.com/nw73k4

What is the most desirable state for our “soul” energy.

Thought provoking, isn’t it.


I am not scientifically minded and have not studied religions excepting christianity to your level. However, I have searched for the answers to universal truths for my entire life and have spent much time in meditation and receiving insight.
1. I agree our soul is not designed to operate at a high energy level, because

(a) It is only when we are still and thoughtful and critical that we are able to see life’s truths.
(b) There really is no need for any emotions barring love, peace, and harmony once you do.

2. I agree that you are right and I agree that you are wrong, just like the rest of us.

3. I wonder what you believe is true?

PS I do not understand abrev. FWIW IMO
PPS A WAVE requires water, moon, seabed ???????



Why does what Jesus said have to take on such a religious meaning? Couldn’t Jesus have been saying that in order to have the answers you seek about spiritual matters you need to put your own selfish desires aside. You need to become like little children, open and questioning . Challenging and rethinking, you need to see the world as they do, with fresh eyes, rid yourself of preconceived notions. Continue to seek the truth, using logic, meditation, historical documents, others etc. That is the only way to see spiritual truths, maybe he was saying this and not that this was the only way…through church and piety??

The God I believe in is not restrictive nor judgmental, he wishes for all to seek enlightenment. I think we need to learn from history, not accept it as absolute truth. Absolutely Jesus was correct BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

The Blissful Ignoramus:

I’m not sure exactly which “religious meaning” you are referring to? But in large degree, I agree with your comment.

Where I would differ perhaps, is in where the correct… emphasis.. resides. With regard Jesus’ teachings pointing to little children, it is my view that Jesus is referring to the state of innocence. It takes time for a child to grow increasingly Self aware, and form habits of placing Self first.

Most importantly… it is also my view that Jesus is referring to the state of absolute Dependence.

A little child Trusts their parent/s with every fibre of their being. For everything. For the necessities of life. For protection, comfort, love. For instruction. And discipline. The little child knows nothing else, and no other way. And in this state, the little child is happy, content, at peace, free… and effortlessly and naturally lives in the moment.

I fully agree with you, though, that a questioning outlook is also an obvious attribute of a little child. And certainly, that attribute is needed in order to learn, and “grow”.

However, consider that a little child does not (yet) have the capacity to “challenge” and “rethink”. More importantly, they have no need to do so. They are “innocent” of preconceived notions.

Consider too. The little child looks first to the parent/s, for teaching, education, learning. It’s that happy, safe, contented, liberating state of utter Dependence and Trust again :-) The little child trusts their parent/s to tell them what is real, what is the Truth. The parent’s Truth is #1, over and above any other source.

And how we see those aspects of the little child change as they grow.

As Self grows.

The Blissful Ignoramus:

On further reflection to your opening line, “Why does what Jesus said have to take on such a religious meaning?“, I get what you mean now.

Answer? It doesn’t “have” to take on a “religious” meaning.

As with anything Good… there’s always those who will seek to hijack a good thing, and meddle with it. Why?

Self… again. For their own Selfish benefit. Power. Control. Material Wealth. Influence. Prestige.

I hope you can see… again… why I consider Pride to be the root of all evil.


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