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Not Sprouting?

I Don’t Know why some are always seeking new routes to personal growth.

I do know, a seed that does not sit still does not sprout.

I am enjoying the sound of an empty house.


Running On The Inside?

I Don’t Know why we’re always running on the inside.

I do know, even animals only run when excited or afraid.

I am enjoying the riches of no-thing.

Strength In Action?

I Don’t Know why we think strength is seen in action.

I do know, in times like these it takes more strength to be still.

I am enjoying the feeling of sleepy eyes.

Ticking Clock?

I Don’t Know why we are always doing.

I do know, Time does not exist to the clock that does not tick.

I am enjoying the tiredness from a very long walk

Running To Or From?

I Don’t Know why most are always running to or running from.

I do know, to find where you are is to find Contentment.

I am enjoying the feeling of freshly brushed teeth.

Feel Like Giving Up?

I Don’t Know why we give up on so many life choices.

I do know, the great peace of choosing God is that giving up is a requirement.

I am enjoying the smell of fresh coffee.

Absent Minded?

I Don’t Know why we think less of the absent minded.

I do know, to be free from thought is to be in a better world.

I am enjoying the feeling of a very close shave.