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The Biggest Problem In The World?

I Don’t Know why so many obsess about the economy.

I do know, the biggest problem in the world is a surplus of Pride, and a deficit of Humility.

I am enjoying the sight of twilight.


Not From With-Out?

I Don’t Know why so many believe that “money is the root of all evil”.

I do know, evil comes from with-in, not from with-out.

I am enjoying the sound of puppies playing.

What Are You Doing?

I Don’t Know why we lose our selves in our activities.

I do know, if our actions hurt others we are more lost than thought.

I am enjoying the feeling of cropped hair.


Right For Me?

I Don’t Know why we seek what is “good for me”.

I do know, there are many things that are bad for me, and many things that are good for me, but only some things that are right for me.

I am enjoying the feeling of rehydration.

Running On The Inside?

I Don’t Know why we’re always running on the inside.

I do know, even animals only run when excited or afraid.

I am enjoying the riches of no-thing.

Running To Or From?

I Don’t Know why most are always running to or running from.

I do know, to find where you are is to find Contentment.

I am enjoying the feeling of freshly brushed teeth.

Feel Like Giving Up?

I Don’t Know why we give up on so many life choices.

I do know, the great peace of choosing God is that giving up is a requirement.

I am enjoying the smell of fresh coffee.