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Feel Like Giving Up?

I Don’t Know why we give up on so many life choices.

I do know, the great peace of choosing God is that giving up is a requirement.

I am enjoying the smell of fresh coffee.


How Do You Fly?

I Don’t Know why we aspire after more abilities.

I do know, the eagle seems content that it cannot fly like a dove.

I am enjoying the feeling of crisp mountain air.

Self Un-development?

I Don’t Know how self-help “experts” get it so wrong.

I do know, what a selfish world needs most is Self Un-development.

I am enjoying the soft flavour of English Breakfast tea.

Selfless Self-Help?

I Don’t Know what is the real motivation of Self-help gurus.

I do know, man will never become selfless by seeking to help Self.

I am enjoying the feeling of solitude.