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Not From With-Out?

I Don’t Know why so many believe that “money is the root of all evil”.

I do know, evil comes from with-in, not from with-out.

I am enjoying the sound of puppies playing.


Unity Is In The Embrace?

I Don’t Know why so many seek uniformity through conformity.

I do know, true unity exists in the embrace of diversity.

I am enjoying the feeling of my freshly clippered head.

Running On The Inside?

I Don’t Know why we’re always running on the inside.

I do know, even animals only run when excited or afraid.

I am enjoying the riches of no-thing.

Abandon Everything?

I Don’t Know why we cling to Me.

I do know, only after we have abandoned everything are we free to be anything.

I am enjoying the gift of chocolate on my birthday.

Don’t Have Time?

I Don’t Know why we say “I don’t have time”.

I do know, this is to say that time has us.

I am enjoying the end of the weekend.

The Easy Way?

I Don’t Know why we prefer the easy way.

I do know, the view is grander from high than low.

I am enjoying the taste of a banana.

Love Begins War?

I Don’t Know why we mistake the true cause of war.

I do know, love of Self is the beginning, love of others the end of all wars.

I am enjoying the taste of hot chips with chicken salt.