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In All Of Us?

I Don’t Know why we live by stereo-types.

I do know, there is both male and female in all of us.

I am enjoying the sound of parrots flocking.


Learning To Fly?

I Don’t Know why I happened to complete this, my first poem, yesterday.

I do know (now), yesterday was the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere.

I am enjoying the sound of rain.

Become Passers-by?

I Don’t Know why we choose to get caught up in the noise.

I do know, it is said that Jesus said – “Become passers-by”.

I am going to watch my favourite Whistling Kites today.

Become Wanderers?

I Don’t Know why we discourage daydreaming.

I do know, to Wake! and sleep through the day, is to know peace.

I am going to enjoy being a wandering passer-by today.