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Beating Time?

I Don’t Know why Time is measured in seconds.

I do know, only a healthy heart at rest beats in time.

I am enjoying the sense of calm revisiting.


Ticking Clock?

I Don’t Know why we are always doing.

I do know, Time does not exist to the clock that does not tick.

I am enjoying the tiredness from a very long walk

Don’t Have Time?

I Don’t Know why we say “I don’t have time”.

I do know, this is to say that time has us.

I am enjoying the end of the weekend.

This Moment Is Timeless

I Don’t Know why so many can’t comprehend Eternity.

I do know, that This Moment is Timeless.

I am going to close my eyes, and sense the nutmeg and cinnamon in this hot slice of raisin toast.