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Learn From Children?

I Don’t Know why we fail to learn from children.

I do know, how to live fully in this moment is the only thing worth Knowing.

I am enjoying the feeling of tiredness.


One The Competition?

I Don’t Know why we live in a spirit of competition.

I do know, only by not competing is the competition one.

I am enjoying the taste of water.

Feel Like Giving Up?

I Don’t Know why we give up on so many life choices.

I do know, the great peace of choosing God is that giving up is a requirement.

I am enjoying the smell of fresh coffee.

Abandon Everything?

I Don’t Know why we cling to Me.

I do know, only after we have abandoned everything are we free to be anything.

I am enjoying the gift of chocolate on my birthday.

Closed Out or Cranking?

I Don’t Know why we catch so many bad waves.

I do know, we cannot learn to distinguish a “close out” from “cranking” while we’re trying to create our own.

I am enjoying the nearness of my faithful old dog.

Running Ahead?

I Don’t Know why we are often running ahead of ourselves.

I do know, it is better to be resting together than to be running ahead.

I am enjoying the sound of others doing.

Content For Contentment?

I Don’t Know why we seek content for contentment.

I do know, the content in Contentment is drawn into the space where the star of Self used to be.

I am enjoying the quietness of the afternoon.