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Can You See It?


Learn From Children?

I Don’t Know why we fail to learn from children.

I do know, how to live fully in this moment is the only thing worth Knowing.

I am enjoying the feeling of tiredness.

Buying Time?

I Don’t Know why we think that time is spent.

I do know, to speak with a child as an = is not to spend time, but to buy time.

I am enjoying the company of an old dog.

Ticking Clock?

I Don’t Know why we are always doing.

I do know, Time does not exist to the clock that does not tick.

I am enjoying the tiredness from a very long walk

Feel Like Giving Up?

I Don’t Know why we give up on so many life choices.

I do know, the great peace of choosing God is that giving up is a requirement.

I am enjoying the smell of fresh coffee.

A Wonderful Day?

I Don’t Know why we say “Have a wonderful day”.

I do know, the truly wonderful day is the day you let the day have you.

I am enjoying the quietness before others wake up.

Courage To Be Weak?

I Don’t Know why we applaud “toughness”.

I do know, in a world that glorifies the hard-hearted, only the soft-hearted know true Courage.

I am enjoying the company of loved ones.