(A conversation with an old friend)


This is fabulous and you are dead right, I have often wondered why people don’t just admit the obvious. Human beings are a clueless lot. However I believe that it is as we share what we think that we gain further insight. We need to connect to spirit to tune into the truth and I think we have been going about that all wrong. or somewhat wrong…. I also think that as we have now reached the age of evolution I like to call “the clueless age”. Where we have much accumulated knowledge and prejudices and beliefs and religions etc etc but still remain blind to the simplicity of the truth.The age in history where we now have enough knowledge to put the story together, but are we too blinded to see it?

This is in part what my novel is about, how little I know and how that actually adds up to a whole lot. Enough to satisfy my seeking soul for now anyway and that is a whole lot more than I had before.

Would love to chat with u about how little we know .Good to catch up with u again …..

The Blissful Ignoramus:

“I have often wondered why people don’t just admit the obvious.”

In one word? Pride.

In my personal opinion, Pride is the root of all evil.

Interestingly, if one is willing to take the time to ponder closely, it is clear that, even in the Bible, the “arch-enemy” Satan / Lucifer’s original (first) sin was not rebellion against God.

It was Pride. (Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:1-6)

It is clear that this self-exaltation, ego, inflated view of Self, is what led to the next step of rebellion (Result? Conflict, confusion, absence of Peace).

The antidote for Pride is… Humility.

Jesus lived and taught that right, too ;-)


I agree with you…..definition of humility? Jesus taught humility in the face of the whole universe , the whole truth, God.
He also taught being forthright in your pursuit for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He taught us to test our theories and beliefs. He taught me that only when a theory of a belief system stands up to fire and becomes gold is it worthy of contemplation. He taught me that the truth should only bring with it peace and harmony. It should appear obvious causing us to wonder why it has taken so long to materialise. It will amaze us with it’s simplicity yet fascinate us with it’s complexity. It will confirm that we are all right and all wrong and all united. It should conform to the laws of the universe, with the system that centres all processes on earth. For after all Earth has been modelled after it’s creator and all that dwell upon it.

So yes Jesus taught humility but also Jesus was confident and forthright about his and our ability to call ourselves sons of God.

The Blissful Ignoramus:

“definition of humility?”

In one word? Selflessness.

By example?

I think Selfishness… or Selflessness… is easily seen in how we prioritise our choices with regard to ours and others’ “well-being” (desires, happiness, comfort). In particular, how our priorities reflect proximity to Self.

I read this description somewhere (Charles Finney?), and reckon it’s spot on. To paraphrase:

The natural tendency of Pride is to consider the “well-being” of Self first. Next – my spouse / significant other. Next – my family. Next – my friends. Next – my neighbours. Next – my city. Next – my state. Next – my country. Next – this planet / humanity in general. Next – the universe. Last – God.

Quite simply… Selflessness (Humility) is God’s natural order, that Pride reverses.

The natural tendency of Selflessness is to consider the well-being of God first. Next – The universe. Next – This planet / humanity. Next – my country. Next – my state. Next – my city. Next – my neighbours. Next – my friends. Next – my family. Next – my spouse / significant other. Last of all? Me.


I believe the natural order of things always works for the greater good, the good of the whole. Out of apparent Chaos comes perfect order and synchronicity. The universal order is for all things to work together for the benefit of the whole. In doing so, energy is created in order to sustain itself and feed the whole. Perpetual motion, cause and effect the cycle continues creating more energy than the individual requires in order to bank energy for the whole. I believe the answers are less personal than sprouted by most in that god is portrayed as a judge (in most world religions ) rather than an energy being, which is what I think he/ she is. The concept of god being an energy source is infinitely more personal,in that there is no fear of judgment and retribution.
It is all cause and effect, we are each responsible for our own evolution and that of the whole.

This writing is a little repetitive , basically I am saying that I agree that the divine or universal order is reversed, to man’s ‘logic’. It is a good thing that positive energy is more powerful than negative so that the balance may be maintained. Brain is a little scattered I have seven ten yr old girls fighting and crying and laughing and playing , yelling and cheering around me….a mother’s life, complete with a two yr old climbing up onto me….where is my order?

The Blissful Ignoramus:

IMO, Jesus taught it well:

And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


The truth lies in keeping it simple, looking past gender and seeing people as spirit/ soul beings with human skin. As children do not show prejudice we too have no need to differientiate. Our core being is pure energy without gender or form. I agree that we would do well to heed Jesus warning, we can only truly understand through the faith and eyes of a child, with the understanding, knowledge and experience of an adult. K I S S keep it simple stupid is a policy I often employ, it works well for me xo

The Blissful Ignoramus:

Beautifully put Kylee. Agree 100%.

Speaking of “seeing people as spirit / soul beings with human skin”, don’t get me started … next I’ll be driving you barmy with Quantum Physics and cymatics ;-)


do it !drive me balmy! I love it !no one else speaks to me of quantum physics and I love it plleeaase!

(Continued here – What is The Frequency of Pride?)


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