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In All Of Us?

I Don’t Know why we live by stereo-types.

I do know, there is both male and female in all of us.

I am enjoying the sound of parrots flocking.


Going Up Or Going Down?

I Don’t Know why we say, “we are going in circles”.

I do know, what we think are circles are actually spirals.

I am enjoying relief for blistered feet.

Beating Time?

I Don’t Know why Time is measured in seconds.

I do know, only a healthy heart at rest beats in time.

I am enjoying the sense of calm revisiting.

Life Without Truth?

I Don’t Know why we tolerate lying.

I do know, a life lived without truth is a life lived as a lie.

I am enjoying the taste of a sweet biscuit.

Many Enemies?

I Don’t Know why we see so many enemies.

I do know, the only real enemy is untruth.

I am enjoying the making of peace.

Not Sprouting?

I Don’t Know why some are always seeking new routes to personal growth.

I do know, a seed that does not sit still does not sprout.

I am enjoying the sound of an empty house.

Ticking Clock?

I Don’t Know why we are always doing.

I do know, Time does not exist to the clock that does not tick.

I am enjoying the tiredness from a very long walk