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The Biggest Problem In The World?

I Don’t Know why so many obsess about the economy.

I do know, the biggest problem in the world is a surplus of Pride, and a deficit of Humility.

I am enjoying the sight of twilight.


The New Black, Or The Old Red?

I Don’t Know why so many say debt is “credit”.

I do know, debt is not the new black, it is the old red.

I am enjoying the sound of chooks clucking.

Going Up Or Going Down?

I Don’t Know why we say, “we are going in circles”.

I do know, what we think are circles are actually spirals.

I am enjoying relief for blistered feet.

Life Without Truth?

I Don’t Know why we tolerate lying.

I do know, a life lived without truth is a life lived as a lie.

I am enjoying the taste of a sweet biscuit.

Many Enemies?

I Don’t Know why we see so many enemies.

I do know, the only real enemy is untruth.

I am enjoying the making of peace.

Unity Is In The Embrace?

I Don’t Know why so many seek uniformity through conformity.

I do know, true unity exists in the embrace of diversity.

I am enjoying the feeling of my freshly clippered head.

Love Begins War?

I Don’t Know why we mistake the true cause of war.

I do know, love of Self is the beginning, love of others the end of all wars.

I am enjoying the taste of hot chips with chicken salt.