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What Are You Doing?

I Don’t Know why we lose our selves in our activities.

I do know, if our actions hurt others we are more lost than thought.

I am enjoying the feeling of cropped hair.



Loss Is Great?

I Don’t Know why we mourn great loss.

I do know, to know great loss is to know something great.

I am enjoying the aroma of coffee.

Beating Time?

I Don’t Know why Time is measured in seconds.

I do know, only a healthy heart at rest beats in time.

I am enjoying the sense of calm revisiting.

Life Without Truth?

I Don’t Know why we tolerate lying.

I do know, a life lived without truth is a life lived as a lie.

I am enjoying the taste of a sweet biscuit.

Many Enemies?

I Don’t Know why we see so many enemies.

I do know, the only real enemy is untruth.

I am enjoying the making of peace.

Cool And Dense?

I Don’t Know why lovers say, “You’re the air that I breathe“.

I do know, the best air for breathing is not thin and hot.

I am enjoying a lactic acid burn.

Ever Ready To Be Used?

I Don’t Know why we take time out to recharge.

I do know, when a de-charged battery resists taking charge, people stop using it.

I am enjoy the feeling of being rest-ful.