A Truth Revolution?

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act”.

George Orwell


7 Responses to “A Truth Revolution?”

  1. 1 hippieprof August 24, 2009 at 11:18 am

    In invoking Orwell you certainly must be referring to FOX “News” – our modern “Minitrue.”

    • 2 The Blissful Ignoramus August 24, 2009 at 11:33 am

      No, not referring to any particular media. Merely hoping to inspire individuals to see value in telling the truth.

  2. 3 hippieprof August 25, 2009 at 7:08 am

    Obviously lots of people lie for personal gain, but lets bracket those off for the moment.

    In political arguments I don’t think MOST people are lying. I am passionate about my political beliefs and I believe that I speak the truth. I certainly do not intentionally distort the truth.

    I also think that most people on the “other side” – people who disagree with me – also believe they are speaking the truth.

    Unfortunately, ones ability to speak the truth is only as good as the information one gets. When powerful information providers intentionally distort and alter the “truth” for their own personal agenda it becomes very difficult for the individuals who follow them to know and subsequently speak the “real” truth.

    Yes – I believe that FOX “News” intentionally distorts and alters the truth for their own political agenda – what they claim to be “no spin” is in fact “all spin.” They are indeed Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.

    Yes – my side does it too – but it doesn’t come close to what is seen on FOX.

    — hippieprof

    • 4 The Blissful Ignoramus August 25, 2009 at 8:03 am

      May I ask you, Why should we “bracket” anyone off?

      All lying is for personal advantage. In some way.

      The example you’ve chosen here (political sphere) is not so much one of lying. It is one of Ignorance.

      All of the individual’s “knowledge” is in reality only Faith, if not discovered first hand. Sadly, most (all?) of us are merely very proud parrots. We are puffed up with our “knowledge”… & parrot our “knowledge” to others (to convince them, or ourselves?).

      Perhaps you might care to read the About page? You’ll see my fundamental views on “knowledge” and “information” there.

      Touching on politics: You are near to the mark concerning “information providers”. May I respectfully suggest though, that you research more broadly concerning the origins of “Left” and “Right”.

      You’ve said “my side does it too” regarding politics/media. You are clearly a thoughtful man… can you not see, that to take a “side” at all, is to swallow the actual Ministry of Truth dialectic… hook, line and sinker?

  3. 5 hippieprof August 25, 2009 at 8:54 am

    I will admit that my first response to your thread was based on your use of the term “Nazi propaganda” in your list of tags. As you know, the “Nazi” accusation has been thrown around a lot lately – and I am perhaps overly sensitive to that. I have subsequently read your About page (on my own) and realize that perhaps I misinterpreted your intent.

    I don’t think using the term “side” necessarily implies that I buy into the dialectic. There are people who hold views relatively similar to mine on this issue, and there are people who hold views relatively different from mine. Such views vary widely along a continuous dimension (or multiple dimensions), so grouping them together into “sides” is an obviously a simplification – but perhaps a useful simplification.

    • 6 The Blissful Ignoramus August 25, 2009 at 11:33 am

      Ahh … my apologies. I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing. At the time, I thought the use of the provocative tag might help to snag visitors. Sorry about that.

      I do appreciate what you mean about widely varying views along a continuous dimension. And you’re right… use of the term “side” does not “necessarily” imply that you “buy into the dialectic”.

      May I suggest, though, that use of the term “side” is a good leading indicator of one having made a choice to take some kind of a philosophical/ideological position, somewhere along the “continuous dimension” you refer to? Specifically, the one generally labelled “the Left”… would you not agree? And perhaps a confirmatory further indicator of that, might be the choice of a blog slogan, “behavior to the left of the repertoire”?

      May I ask you this: In the case of politics as we see it today, do you think it’s the case that there has always been a “continuous dimension (or multiple dimensions)”, that have subsequently been grouped into “sides”?

      Or is it possible that the history of “democracy” suggests (proves?) that there was originally a clear divide into opposing “sides”… and each “side” has been gradually blurred (stretched? added to?) over time, to encompass a broader and broader range of views?

      Please do not misunderstand those comments in a negative way. I do not consider one who has adopted a position anywhere along either the “left” or “right” dimension any differently.

      Rather, I simply wish more people would ponder what are the practical ramifications for humanity and “progress”, of a world that has, over not such a long period of time, “somehow” been (deliberately?) divided along essentially dualistic “opposing” (thus mutually antagonistic) ideological lines, for just about every major area of life.

      I believe that considering this possibility is especially important today, because a thoughtful observer can now see what were once clearly defined antagonistic “opposites” (no good thing, but at least identifiable) slowly being blurred. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, perhaps?

      In context of politics, consider how prevalent now is the ongoing graduated mixing of what were once identifiably L or R policies and actions… by both “sides” of the political sphere. I’d really urge thinking (and researching) on a global scale… not merely the USA.

      Hippieprof, I perceive that you’re just the kinda guy I’d really enjoy settling down with for a time-unrestricted “chin wag”, with an open-ended topic range.

      Isn’t the universe wonderful? How amazing is it that you, and I, should both happen to exist right now, with all these respective past and current experiences, “learnings”, and thoughts…. and, just so happen to stumble across each other now?


  4. 7 hippieprof August 25, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    haha! If your use of the provocative tag was meant to snag visitors – you indeed succeeded – you snagged me. I may have completely missed the point of your post – but you did draw me in.

    I am indeed someone who enjoys thinking for thinking’s sake – I suspect we are quite alike that way. That is why I am in the profession I am in – it is one of the few occupations that allows me to think freely and actually make a living doing it.

    It is embarrassing to admit, but I had not noticed until this latest set of exchanges that you were in fact “down under.” I had assumed that you were talking about the US political situation. I am usually much more careful than that….

    I wonder if some of the differences we are seeing might be related to the different political systems in our respective countries. Here, we have a two party system – and it is very unusual if a “third party” gets more than 5 percent of the vote in a national election. That type of system encourages one to think in terms of sides – and I find myself falling into that trap – even though I disagree with people on my “side” on many issues.

    I am not terribly familiar with the Australian system, but my understanding is that you have a multi-party parliamentary system similar to what is found in many non-US democracies? In multi-party systems the “minor” parties can exert significant influence because coalition-building is the name of the game. I suspect such a thing is less likely lead people into thinking in terms of “sides” and more likely to take a multidimensional view.

    So much to ponder….

    — hippieprof

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